Welcome to PCMFeeder.com

PCMFeeder.com is a Business Opportunity that earns you $20 and $175 commissions over and over again.

It only takes $20 to get started. When you join you may purchase a position in either the Silver Matrix, Gold Matrix or Platinum Matrix. You are not restricted to just one position. You may purchase as many positions as you wish in any of the matrices. You may start in any matrix. Its your choice!

The cost of a position in the Silver Matrix is $20.
The cost of a position in the Gold Matrix is $20.
The cost of a position in the Platinum Matrix is $70.

Start off in the Silver Matrix and receive your $20 back on your very first cycle!

When you complete cycling the Platinum Matrix you earn back $175! Then you receive a free re-entry in the Gold Matrix to do it all over again.

Please send us a Support Ticket if you have any questions.





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